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The Evenness we all are given by the World – Ashta Loka Dharma

Are we even? Do we have equity in lives?

When looking at the world, we see, that at time to time new ideas occur and Revolutionists jump up on stages. Some are made famous thanks to those ideas, and become the leaders of the others. So they become famous and  some become followers. Some time in some places changes are established according to those ideas. Some, who face such changes, may like it, or may not like it, or may be, just not care  and move on with their lives.

Those changes may exist for sometime. However they all fade gradually and eventually come to an end, and something else take place. As always as it happens in this world.

Anything such can happen. Those kind of things can change our lives, change what we could have or could lose, or situations likewise. We may like the outcome, so that we become  supporters. May be, become opponents if we may dislike it. However, it wouldn’t be the same how each of us may feel. Well, life seems to have no evenness in this world.

So life is not Equal, or  no Evenness. Yes or No?

Buddhism says it does. On eight (8) things we all have to face because of this living. Only eight. That is so, little.Almost all of life must have been left.

Yes, eight, but these eight are really big, and the most important things in this world. Big, because they are the ones that define the quality of our lives. The Quality? What kind of quality? That is something to write more on may be later on. In short that can be said, quality as to our world.

So what do we all face same as others? Well,

profit and loss,

famous and infamous,

praises and reproaches,

comfort and discomfort.

These four couple  of words, even though they are just eight words, are the ones, that determine our lives; So, they are really important, so have to be big .

So, these have superiority?

Well, it still says that we determine their existence, so what ‘s going to be more important?

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