Being A Buddhist

Dicussions on Buddism


On my blog, I’m trying to share my knowledge I’ve gained by being a Buddhist,  and  I believe that writing here would also  help me to improve my path to liberation.

As  I’m a Theravada Buddhist , most information I provide would be from Theravada. I’m hoping all the content I’d be  posting would be useful to you.

May 11 2012

It’s been a month, I’ve started this blog and since then my knowledge and my path has been obviously improved. Even though  I’ve been reading Buddhist literature and practicing Dhamma since young age, it was recently that I realized, by chance, the worthiness of Dhamma and that  Listening to Dhamma increases the knowledge as it never happened ever. Even I used to identify me as  a Buddhist it’s  after that I started to know the meaning and the way of being one truly

The reason, I started this blog was a feeling, that sharing what I already  know may be a help to someone as it have been to me. I’m not aware of, if anyone has found it useful, yet. There are few followers and likes to some posts, showing that someone’s been reading this blog. But as there have been  almost no valuable discussions , I have no idea on how effective my writings have been. But as for me, it has become one of the few oases I have come across in my life.

Yes, that is true. This blog has directed me to find out lot of resources, I never knew to exist before. Writing here has turned out to be a great tool on my liberation path.  Reading other web sites and blogs and have strengthen my courage and aim on it.  My activity here has  led me to identify my weaknesses, that had been unknown to myself and to understand who I am, more deeply. Fact is that, posting here needs analyzing, researching  the current Knowledge and discovering more information. It’s now, I realize that I’ve started a way of practicing vipassana ( Dhammanussati ) without having awareness of meditating and it is a nice way to meditate.

As these days I have a busy schedule, I’m trying to post, at least once in four days. Anyway, since I’m not a scholar in Buddhism, what I write is, what I have learned so far. But I’m  always trying to find the accuracy of the details I use. You should note that, Dhamma here are based on my understanding on his holiness Buddha’s teachings. But then that’s what everyone else is doing on their blogs. Expressing things as to the vision of each of us. So my views might not match others views or yours. Discussions on those conflicts may lead us to great discoveries on our paths. So I do appreciate and glad, whenever any of you like to speak your mind.

Thank you for being here and  I Wish you all,  all the success in your journey to your enlightenment.

June 12  2012

I have to say, that I had to decide, only to write when I could find time, as I’ve found it’s really hard to find time to post ( and to research on those topics) on these days. So I can’t predict on the duration in between posts ( may have different periods ) and hope you wouldn’t mind. Thank you for reading.

June 25 2012


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