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Early life of Lord Buddha : Childhood – part two

I have started to tell about His holiness Buddha’s early life in my post: Lord Buddha :Early Life – Childhood  I’m going to add tell little more in this one.

When Prince Siddhartha was only seven days old, his mother “Mahamaya devi” had passed away. Afterwards he had been raised by his mother’s younger sister “Prajapathi Gautami”,  who also was already married to  his father. In ancient India kings could have many wives. Prince Siddhanta’s father King Suddodana had also married  the two daughters of a king of a nearby country. From a  conversation, with  his holiness Buddha   and aged Prajapathi theri, It can be understood that even the prince has lost the warmth of his own mother, he had received so much love and warmth from every one else, specially from his aunt Prajapathi.



Bullocks tied with yoke

Bullocks tied with yoke

There is a story about a sowing feast, when the prince was an infant. First harvesting had been  done as a festival attended by the king. Everyone in the palace had come to see this festival  So  prince  was also brought and kept  in a tent where festival can be seen. While he was asleep, nannies  had gone out to have a close look. Meanwhile the prince had  waken up  and no one else were nearby.

image : Buffaloes Threshing

Buffaloes used to Thresh in a field

Picture of a Yoke, today

Picture of a Yoke, today

The prince could have seen the buffaloes threshing, and men after them with sticks. Watching how the animals suffer with the weight of yoke and beatings with sticks  had made him remember what he had learned and practiced in his previous lives. So he had seated and started meditating based on  breath. When nannies came back to check on him they were shocked to see the young prince meditating and they had alarmed the king and the others.

It says that the king honored the little prince for the second time touching his feet, seeing that the prophecy could become true. Even it was a  pleasure to see by a father,  it had also increased his fear about his son becoming the savior of the sufferers, other than the great king he wished him to become one day.

Lord Buddha :Early Life – Childhood

A painting - Birth of prince Siddhartha

How an artist saw “The birth of prince Siddhartha”

‘His holiness Buddha’ (I  Prefer to use His holiness to lord) was an Indian prince named ‘Siddhartha’. His family name was ‘Goutama’. His father was the king of the area called ‘Kapilavastu’. This was located in ancient India, which is now in Nepal. As prince Siddhartha was the first son of king ‘Suddodana’,  was the heir to the crown of his kingdom.

When the prince was born, king’s teacher had visited him. This teacher (named Asitha Kaladevala ) seeing  prince siddhartha, he had stated a prophecy, that the prince will become a ‘sakviti’, the greatest king in the world  or become a great teacher called Buddha if he ever went in search of liberation.

At that time in India , there had been a spiritual revolution. Lot of people had left family lives in search of liberation. many of aged men joined this after completing their duties to the families.There had been diverse methods practiced at that time. these types included, methods recommended to chase away sins and types of meditation used at that time. Later  ‘His holiness Buddha’ had  himself approved some of these meditations, as they help to gain concentration in mind. This type is called ‘samatha’).

This teacher of the king, also had been on meditation and had been a person who had achieved certain levels of progress. Later astrologers also had confirmed this prophecy.

So king had given a great consideration on it and had made his mind to take every possible step to prevent from, his son becoming  bored being a layman. He had wished his son become the greatest king in the world.  As a first step, he had built three palaces, suiting to three seasons in the area. These palaces had been very beautiful and comfortable according to the Buddhist history. I have heard from a venerable monk that these still can be seen in Nepal and he have visited these palaces.

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