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How our practices could affect us.

As humans we seem to have so many differences from each other. As for each person we also seem to have some individual behaviors, that we find hard to break from and to believe of their existence. These things, point at one of the most important fact in Buddhist teachings, the Sansar. The way, how we came to identify as the person today. The whole lot of lives we’d had, in each of this Sansar ( the chain of lives, also  that  including all the years we’d had in this life, too. ), is what had made us to be this, what we call our soul or personality.

If somebody, had given enough time to analyze, on  how they had been changed through  years, throughout their lifetime so far, most probably they may happen to see, that how their personalities had changed with that time. Many things could have had triggered those changes.  One such thing could have been due to their own realizations from their life experiences. May be it was, people they were associated with at that period  may had influenced them to change, in such a way, that was good or may be  bad.  Also people as most likely  forget some of the past behaviors that not deep,  if stayed away from it for a while.  Also something that was learned by experience, or from some one or something, i.e resources, could have occurred changes.  Something  that was learned by such process could have been forgotten later and  returned to the old behavior prior to that learning. Or it may be due to the fact that the way  that person understand or reason, some particular thing,  was changed.

Such things we face, experience, react, learn, view could later change how we happens to be at time to time. As to the teachings, that happens by what we sense through our six senses.  Even though  the way of our thinking, behaving, actions, reactions, or decisions  change time to time, how often do we realize, that such changes had happened, or while they are happening. If some one who have access to these accounts (by memorizing or some other mean) could have such ability, if they looked in to it, later.

Most times it looks like, old behaviors are what always win. So we easily return to what we were used to do,  after trying to change, if mind was not really set on to it. Many Buddhist stories tell, how some one can  easily and inadvertently  adopt some long time practices, they’d had in their Sansar, on that current life.

Many  original versions of these stories, in Buddhist history, (even though some people  refer to such as headteacher) were actually told by His Holiness Lord Buddha, or by Elder Bhikkus, who had the insight to see in to their past lives.  Even though today some people express like as unbelievable, most of these stories reveal important facts to learn, when analyzed.  Also those give us lot of insight into how our selves could be. Or how mind happens to works or that lives could occur. Most importantly they tell how our habits happened to have occurred. How do our habits really happened to be with us. Could  they be older than our this life time? Or are they just illusions, we happened to just stick in to, thanks to laziness or  something else. But why are some habits, so hard to break from, or ignore at all!

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